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School Activities

Green Schools 2011-2013

The Green School’s Committee have been busy throughout the previous term highlighting the benefits of environmentally friendly modes of travel.

All the boys were encouraged to design posters or write a poem/song reflecting the importance of such modes of travel. Of the many entries we received only ten could be chosen to represent the school in the competition which is run by An Taisce. We still await the results but are hopeful that some of our colourful entries with their catchy captions  such as “ What’s all the fuss,  just take the bus!” and “It’s not far, ditch the car!” will catch the eye of the judges.

Following our travel survey, we discovered that safety concerns may be preventing some boys travelling to school on foot or on bike. Therefore the Green School’s committee conducted a safety  audit of the area, looking specifically at 2 popular routes- from St Gabriels church to the school and  from Castle Avenue to the school. We completed a report on each route and found both to be quite safe for walkers and cyclists. Cars parked outside the school on Seafield Road create a possible visual obstacle for  on-coming traffic hence we urge the boys to only cross the road with one of our two lollipop people.Our safety audit will soon appear on the school website, so keep an eye out for it.

As a number of boys also live  a distance from the school, we are encouraging them to walk the final part of the journey in the morning. Parents could drop the boys a certain distance away and they could walk the remainder. Not only will this remove some of the traffic from Seafield Road but will also  benefit the boys from a health point of view.

Last Wednesday the 23rd of March saw the  successful launch of our cycling campaign- COW – Cycle on Wednesday!! The number of boys cycling on Wednesday significantly rose , with many boys making a huge effort. We hope to continue with this cycling day for the remainder of the school year. For those who are unable to cycle on Wednesday, we encourage them to walk at least part of the way.

During Healthy Living  Week the boys who brought in bikes participated in a bike maintainence workshop. While the tutor highly commended the boys on wearing  helmets she expressed some concern regarding the fitting of these helmets  noting that all of them were incorrectly fitted. While it is essential to wear a helmet when cycling it is equally important that the helmet fits correctly in order that it works effectively. We ask all parents to ensure that their son’s helmet is fitted correctly, ensuring their safety in the event of an accident.

  1. Click here for travel times on foot to school.
  2. Click here for travel time by bike to school.

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Weekly Timetable

Monday:Homework Club, Computers & Art.

Tuesday:Homework Club, Drama, Spanish & Art.

Wednesday:Homework Club, Chess, French, Spanish & Art.

Thursday:Homework Club, Strength Training & Drama.