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Obituary to Michele


Michele Doyle – the Smallest Flower

On Friday 22nd of May we gathered in sadness to accompany Michele Doyle on her final journey.  Overhead streams of planes undertook crossings of their own and their rumblings competed with Fr Pat’s liturgy. We thanked God for the gift that was Michele and paid tribute to her courage in the face of the previous months’ adversity.

Michele joined our school in 2006 as a Special Needs Assistant, having already spent two years in Belgrove Junior Boys’ School.  During these years she was steadfast in her devotion to the pupils and, as a testament to such dedication, many boys from her first class nine years ago assembled to pay their respects.  While in hospital, she likened her treatment to ’an army of red jumpers’ that was periodically summoned to help defend her from illness – such was her regard for the boys of Belgrove.  Indeed it is fitting that those red jumpers never let her down, as boys from her current class provided a guard of honour on reception to St Anthony’s and the school choir accompanied her departure.

Of the many memories shared of Michele during the weeks since her passing, her kindness and empathy were discernible.  On yard she would discretely monitor interactions and ensure that all boys were treated fairly, when supervising classes she would give unsuspecting boys a heads-up before the return of the class teacher and finally, her unconditional encouragement of pupils in their daily undertakings was admirable.

Michele was a devoted wife to Tom and mother to Robbie and her late son Stephen. She spoke lovingly of her family: she enjoyed keeping us up to date with Robbie’s study habits, she frequently volunteered Tom’s photography services to the school and she always kept Stephen’s memory alive in conversation.

This time each year Michele’s smiling, sun kissed face and the splash of freckles were a welcome sign that summer was getting under way.  This summer we will thank God for the privilege of Michele’s friendship and remember her in the beauty of the long bright evenings when we take the dog for a walk along the seafront or in ‘the smallest flower’ and ’ biggest tree’, as sung by her close friends at her requiem Mass.

Weekly Timetable

Monday:Homework Club, Computers & Art.

Tuesday:Homework Club, Drama, Spanish & Art.

Wednesday:Homework Club, Chess, French, Spanish & Art.

Thursday:Homework Club, Strength Training & Drama.