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Healthy Living Week 2011

Healthy Living Week Blog – Day 1

Today on the 20st of March Healthy Living Week 2012 was launched by Dotsy O’Callaghan. Dotsy launched it in the hall giving a short speech on how staying hydrated and a healthy diet benefit you in everyday life. Along with Dotsy another dietician came into the school to give us a balanced approach to healthy eating and drinking. Also a woman came in to talk to the classes about bicycle maintenance and road safety. For the rest of the week a healthy tuc shop has opened selling healthy nutritious food and drink to the school. Healthy Living Week will be a resounding success!!

Day 2

Today, Wednesday 21st, we are continuing Healthy Living Week. A Sports Rehabilitator came to the school to talk to us about the importance of stretching and how exercise is vital to avoid sports injuries.

A Brennan’s Bread rep went around to each class to do a blind bread tasting competition to show brown tastes very similar to white bread and has twice its nutritional value. And the healthy tuc shop is continuing to great success.

Day 3

Today, Thursday 22nd, we are still continuing Healthy Living Week. Today a dentist, Daragh Fagan, visited the school to talk about the importance of hygiene and brushing your teeth. He also told us how water is the best source of hydration and that sugary drinks only make you more thirsty. We were revisited by the bicycle maintenance rep and the healthy tuc shop continues.

Day  4

Today, 23rd March, Healthy Living Week continued. On the Astro we had multi-sports day which included high jump, rugby conversions, javelin, hurdles, soccer etc. There was also a healthy smoothie and snack competition which 90 people took part in bringing their homemade snacks. There was also a raffle which took place during the competition.

And today was the final day for the healthy tuc shop which was a great success and the classes will miss it greatly. Overall Healthy Living Week 2012 was a great success and was the best to date.

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Weekly Timetable

Monday:Homework Club, Computers & Art.

Tuesday:Homework Club, Drama, Spanish & Art.

Wednesday:Homework Club, Chess, French, Spanish & Art.

Thursday:Homework Club, Strength Training & Drama.