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Extra Curricular Activities


Lunch Time Chess Club

Lunch Time Chess Club

Chess after school takes place on Wednesday where the children are provided with the opportunity to learn the game of chess as well as participating in leagues within the classes.


Art classes take place in the Art room every Mon, Tues & Wed from
2.20pm to 3.20pm under the professional guidance of Joni Croughan.

Art classes are a popular choice with the children after school. The children are encouraged to develop their sense of shape, design and colour. This is done through the mediums of pastel, charcoal, water paints and oil paints. The children are allowed the opportunity to use and explore their imaginations and create beautiful pieces of art!

Artwork 1Artwork 4

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Artwork 8
Artwork 9
Artwork 10
Artwork 11
Artwork 12
Artwork 13
Artwork 14

Speech & Drama

Our speech and drama classes take place after school on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We do a range of different activities each week which include mini games, role plays and freeze frames. It is a great opportunity for the boys to express themselves through drama and they are immersed in an environment where they are very creative and imaginative in their role plays – the Hollywood Hills have nothing on the Belgrove boys!


Homework Club

After School Homework 1

After School Homework 1

The Homework Club commenced last September and runs four days a week from Monday to Thursday inclusive for one hour. The Club is supervised by Mr. Hayes, Ms. Patten and Ms. Byrne, who are available to offer assistance to any child who may need it. To date, children from third to sixth class have benefitted greatly from the quiet, work-orientated environment. Should you wish to join, please contact any of the above teachers at any time.

Time: 2.20 – 3.20 p.m.

After School Homework 2

After School Homework 2

After School Homework 3

After School Homework 3

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Weekly Timetable

Monday:Homework Club, Computers & Art.

Tuesday:Homework Club, Drama, Spanish & Art.

Wednesday:Homework Club, Chess, French, Spanish & Art.

Thursday:Homework Club, Strength Training & Drama.